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Employers Guide

What is Employers Online NI ?

Where are employers vacancies published?

What the Employers Online Support Team will do?

What is Employers Online NI

Employers Online NI is a website which enables Employers to notify and manage their job vacancies online from their desktops.

It will help Employers to fill vacancies and jobseekers to find employment through the display of full and accurate vacancy information.

How it works?
Interested Employers can register with the site by entering basic company details. Once this is submitted a User ID will issue by e-mail. A further e-mail will issue to inform you when your account has been verified, enabling you to notify vacancies electronically.

What can I do?
You can specify exact job specification, terms and conditions of employment and wage details. You will also be able to state how long the vacancy is to be advertised for.

The vacancies will be available for jobseekers to view in

  • Northern Ireland
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Europe or via
  • The World Wide Web

Northern Ireland
Vacancy details can be accessed via and on Jobpoint kiosks in the Employment Services Network of 35 Jobs & Benefits Offices & Jobcentres throughout Northern Ireland.

Details will also be displayed in approved Outcentres throughout Northern Ireland as well as Job Assist Centres.

Republic of Ireland
The vacancy can also be searched for through the Department of Social Protection and their network of JobPoints in Department of Social Protection offices.

If you are particularly interested in recruiting workers from other European countries for your vacancy, you can declare this by checking a tick box in Step 1 of the Create Vacancy screens.  All vacancies advertised with the Employment Service are displayed on the European Job Mobility Portal.  Your interest in recruiting from Europe will be indicated by a European Employment Services (EURES) icon (a European Union flag) on the vacancy, where they will be listed first in searches.

The World Wide Web
Details are displayed on Jobcentreonline

What the Employers Online Support Team will do?

Vacancy Follow Up
You will be contacted by e mail, initially, to enquire if the vacancy has been filled.

If no one has applied, no referrals/submissions have been made or if none of the applicants have been successful, this will give you the opportunity to review what other steps can be taken to help fill the vacancy. This might include an increase in the wage, a change to the requirements relating to qualifications, experience, working hours etc. To change any detail of an approved vacancy, go to the Vacancies List, select it and then 'Edit Vacancy'.

The follow up process also provides an essential source of feedback e.g. successful applicants, the quality of referrals/ applications employers consider they have had for their vacancies and general customer satisfaction with the quality of service. If, as a result of follow up, you wish to amend your vacancy details, it will be amended and republished.

Closing Vacancies
When the closing date is reached the vacancy can no longer be viewed by jobseekers. The vacancy will be marked as ‘Pending Outcome’ and will be updated when you supply feedback information to the Online Support Team.

Employers Online NI will automatically e mail you for follow up/feedback information. If no response is received you will be contacted again by telephone and or letter. When a vacancy has been "Pending Outcome" for six weeks, it will be closed automatically and any outstanding submissions will be recorded as ‘Not required’.

Vacancy Filled
We need to find out the outcome of all jobseekers submitted to the vacancy and record the details on each of their records.

Vacancy Not Filled
If the vacancy has not been filled during the period it has been open and you feel that the vacancy should be changed, for example a lower qualification or less experience required, you or the Online Support Team can amend the details. The Pending Outcome vacancy will be given a new live date and republished.