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  Create Vacancy Guide

Create Vacancy Guide

You can register and Log on and follow the online guidance for creating a vacancy or refer to the below.

Your Vacancy

The Employment Service aim is to help you fill your vacancy quickly and efficiently.  It is therefore essential that all the information you provide is accurate and complies with current legislation. This will help you ensure that only suitably qualified jobseekers will apply for the vacancy.

Your vacancy will be displayed to jobseekers via and JobPoints in our offices, making your vacancy accessible to a wider pool of people. You can specify how you wish applicants to apply for the vacancy.

Creating a New Vacancy

Select Create. If you have already registered you will be presented with a screen featuring some information about your business.

Vacancy Information


This refers to the current 'state' of the vacancy - whether the vacancy is

  • Raised - Details submitted but not yet available to clients.
  • Live - Available for customers to apply / be submitted.
  • Pending Outcome - Vacancy is unavailable to clients but requires follow-up with the employer.
  • Suspended - Vacancy is temporarily unavailable pending action.
  • Closed - The vacancy is no longer available. Follow-up has been completed.

The following fields are contained on the vacancy screen.  It is mandatory to complete fields marked with an *.  Other fields should be completed if possible to ensure jobseekers have as much information as possible about individual vacancies.

  • Job Title
  • Employer Reference
  • Employer Branch
  • Job Location
  • Post Code of Vacancy
  • Email Address
  • Advertisement Start Date
  • Closing Date
  • No. of Positions
  • Full/Part Time
  • Permanent/Temporary
  • Salary
  • Hours per Week
  • Work Time
  • Required Languages
  • Minimum Wage
  • Job Duties
  • Qualifications/Experience
  • Manual Application Method
  • Application Options
  • Pension Provision
  • Employer Notes to DfC
  • Other Information
  • Monitoring / Equality
  • Confidential

Job Title

This field should contain a concise description of the job role.

"Nurse - Grade D" should be used and not "Grade D Nurse".

"Porter - Kitchen" should be used and not "Kitchen Porter".

Driver  (HGV),

Hairdresser - Trainee

Employer Reference

Enter a code for your own reference if you wish.

Employer Branch

Select which of your branches you wish to recruit for.

Job Location

This refers to where the vacancy is located. The town name should appear first. A street or district can be added.

Belfast - High Street

Strabane - Main Street

Indicate the name of the nearest town or village if the location is obscure.

For jobs which require travel over a large area, such as Sales Representatives, it is in order to select the largest location description, e.g. Northern Ireland


Enter the postcode for the location of the job. This will enable applicants to identify the location using the multimap facility on Jobcentreonline.

Email Address

Enter the email address to be used for any contact relating to this vacancy.

Advertisement Start Date

Enter the date from which the vacancy is to be advertised i.e. date the vacancy will be made available to jobseekers.

Closing Date

Enter the date on which the vacancy will be withdrawn from display.

No. of Positions

Enter the number of jobs that are available eg. 1, 2, 3.

Full/Part time/Casual

Select as appropriate.  Full time should be selected for vacancies of 30 hours or more or Part time for less than 30 hours. Casual should be selected if no regular hours can be guaranteed.


Select as appropriate


Enter Gross Salary (i.e. Before deductions). eg. £10/hr, £15,000 pa.

Hours per Week

Enter the total minimum number of hours to be worked each week. Any variation can be included under "other information" (see below).  Hours offered should comply with current legislation.

Work Time

Enter a breakdown of working hours eg. 9.00am to 5.00pm Mon - Fri, 2.00pm to 9.00pm Wed, Thur & Fri.

Language Requirements

Enter required language levels e.g. able to communicate with customers in English, able to follow health & safety instructions in English.

Minimum Wage

You are required to tick a box to indicate that each job meets minimum wage requirements.

Job Duties

Enter the duties of the job. These should be clear and concise.  Unfamiliar abbreviations should not be used.  A hyperlink or reference to a more detailed job specification can be included in the "other information" field (see below).  Capital letters should be used at the beginning of every sentence with one space after each comma, two spaces after each full stop and capitals at the beginning of person or place names.  

You may find it useful before saving your vacancy to select the text in the Job Description window, copy (Ctrl C) and paste it (Ctrl V) into a blank Word Document. Spelling and grammatical errors will be identified and can be corrected and copied back to appropriate box (es).


Information entered in this field should be concise and not contain abbreviations which are likely to be unfamiliar to jobseekers.  

The qualifications & experience required should be appropriate for the job role

Manual Application Method

Enter clear instructions on how to apply for the job: e.g. where application forms can be obtained and, where completed, forms are to be sent.

Application Options

One of the following checkboxes should be selected if appropriate

  • Online CV via
  • Standard Jobcentre Application Form via
  • Standard Jobcentre Application Form (print & post)
  • Employers Uploaded Application Form (print & post)

Employer application forms (RTF and PDF format) can be uploaded at this point

Pension Provision

Select from Yes/No drop down.  If Yes then a further drop down will become available to you to select the appropriate pension type.

Employer Notes to DfC

Information that you wish to make available to Jobs & Benefits office/JobCentre staff but not jobseekers should be entered here.

Other Information

Essential information about the vacancy that cannot be input elsewhere can be entered here.  Include details of any additional information here e.g. assistance with board and lodgings, reason for particular age restriction, driving licence required etc.


If accommodation is provided or assistance given with the sourcing of accommodation, this should be entered here.

Monitoring / Equality

Indicate whether a monitoring form is required. A monitoring form can be uploaded here.

Equality Statement

If an employer equality statement is available, it should be entered here and will appear under "other information" in the published vacancy.   


Check the tick box if you have a valid reason for  your name, address and contact details remaining confidential from applicants. If this is selected the employer's name and contact details will not appear on JobPoints or  Employers must have a valid reason for withholding these details.

Saving/Submitting a Vacancy

When you have checked all entries, click on the Submit or Save for Later buttons. The vacancy confirmation e mail and job as displayed will then be sent to you once the information has been validated.

Ongoing Contact

Ongoing contact will be maintained with you throughout the life of the vacancy

When the vacancy closes you will be asked to provide feedback information on the applications who have applied through a Jobs & Benefits Office / Jobcentre or directly via Jobcentreonline.  You should therefore maintain records of the applications received and the outcomes.

Additional Help

Additional information can be accessed via "links" & "Help" on the yellow toolbar.